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After School Programs

Parents must arrange for transportation home; busses are not available. Activities end at 4:45 pm each day (unless noted by activity leader), and students must be picked up then. Students are Unsupervised after 4:45 pm.

CSI After School Programs

Taft Middle School is proud to announce the start of the CSI after-school programs. These programs are made possible by your tax dollars. The goal of our programs is to provide after-school activities to students Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays. CSI program activities provide students learning and developmental opportunities which positively impact

  • academic performance
  • attendance
  • behavior

Students and parents are asked to make a commitment to the program or activity of their choice. Attendance is a vital part to each program’s success, and students are asked to make a semester commitment. Students are not allowed to leave early without a parent signing the student out with the activity leader.

Taft Middle School provides a variety of other activities throughout the school year. We encourage students to get involved in our fine arts programs, after-school clubs and organizations, and sports programs.

Registration Forms

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